Why Agency Drone Teams Need a CCA Protocol

by Dec 19, 2020Drone Policy & Procedure


Agency drone teams (emergency response) who implement and follow a CCA protocol facilitate public trust and promote a culture of transparency.

Capture, Create and Analyze, or CCA, refers to the collection, processing, and analysis of data gathered using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s). 

Public Trust and Drone Technology 

The aerial platform has elicited concerns from the public about privacy, and potentially, Fourth Amendment violations. As drones proliferate, the risk of intentional and unintentional misuse increases.

Public trust in an agency drone program is integral to its overall success. Thus, open and clear communication with the public keeps everyone on the same page and reduces [un]intentional misuse.

CCA Protocol Encourages Public Trust 

A CCA protocol means procedures and standards exist and training is uniform and mandatory for all drone teams. Following documented procedures and meeting or exceeding standards not only produces efficient and highly trained drone teams but also encourages public trust through checks and balances.

CCA Protocol Promotes Transparency

Secondly, but no less important consideration, for implementing CCA protocol is transparency. The public trust may be strengthened through procedures and training, but not solidified without transparency. 

A Lack of Transparency Can Derail Your Drone Program

Transparency starts the conversation by allowing for questions and answers between drone teams and the public. Lacking transparency, a drone team could face repudiation from the community, resulting in difficulty implementing the technology and use of drones to support emergency response in the community.

Furthermore, a program lacking transparency is not likely to foster public trust. The opportunity for the public and drone teams to understand each other’s views and concerns is critical to avoiding misunderstandings and legal issues. In short, transparency holds everyone accountable.

CCA Protocol Must Include Public Input

CCA goes well beyond the mechanics and science of a successful drone program. As with so many emerging technologies, drones and well-trained drone teams can reduce risk to personnel and save lives, but not without public trust and transparency coupled with public participation. 

A drone team should create a robust implementation plan that includes implementing CCA protocol, community outreach, and engagement via a newsletter, advanced training, and regular demonstration of drone technology at public events. Drone teams who demonstrate leadership, patience, passion, professionalism, and proactive behavior are better positioned for success. 

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