Using state of the art technology to provide you the digital imagery and mapping you need to acheive mission success.


What We Do

Emergency Response Disaster Preparedness



Public Safety


Emergency Response 

Aerial data captured in real-time compels greater mission success rates; The faster emergency responders can reach people in peril, the greater the likelihood of survival.

Professional UAS and UAV quickly become indispensable tools for agencies responding to public safety incidents and natural disasters.


  • Reduces response times
  • 24/7/365  operational readiness
  • Facilitates information sharing in real-time
  • Helps agencies mitigate risk to emergency personnel
Critical Infrastructure

The Built Environment and Critical Infrastructure

Aerial imagery and video offer a unique visual perspective, from Aesthetics to Engineering, drones capture valuable data and stunning imagery. Understanding the footprint and architectural qualities of a structure is important for engineers, city planners, and disaster preparedness professionals. Understanding where the structure is situated geographically relative to other structures and the natural environment is critical for planning, safety, and disaster preparedness.


  • Shore-Up security posture–unmanned monitoring and security of restricted and private properties helps agencies maintain secure facilities.
  • 3D Visuals in Architecture–Aerial images compel innovative solutions to design issues.
  • Proactive Measure and Prevention –Engineers capture vital data on critical infrastructure. These data help professionals address mechanical and structural  issues BEFORE they become a threat to life and property.

Research and Disaster Preparedness

One does not exist without the other; research and preparedness are critical to mitigating risk and reducing loss of life and damage to the environment.

  • Field Data –More data in less time, with fewer risks, and reduced expense.
  • Georeferenced Image Data –Pre and Post event, “works well with others”.  Multidisciplinary use from a single data set.
  • Analysis –Researchers can tag, code, and model drone data for analysis
  • Disaster Preparedness –Drone data for “change detection”-planning and readiness for emergency management.


  • Commercial Drone ApplicationsFAA Part 107 training
  • Advanced Courses–Current Offerings
    • Drone Team Logistics
    • Aeronautical Charts: Understanding and Application for Drone
    • Drone Data and the Court: Law Enforcement need to know
      (presented by guest lecturers)
    • Fast-Mapping Techniques for Emergency Response
    • “Special Topics” 2x/quarter
      *Additional courses available-call (720) 757-0251

Strategic Program Development

  • Agency Drone Teams –Strategic Development, Training, Scaling,
    and Compliance
  • Business Drone Programs –Strategic Development, Training, Scaling, Compliance, and Management
  • Strategic Development (Tactical) -Strategic Development, Training, Scaling, Team Development, and Compliance


Industry Specific

Environmental Concerns
  • Environmental Mapping and Modeling
  • Elevation Models
  • Bathymetric Data/Mapping/Modeling
  • Topographic Data/Mapping/Modeling
  • Coastline Mapping
  • Geophysical (Except Surveying)
Public Safety
  • Disaster Response Support
  • Emergency Response Support
  • Crime Scene Mapping
  • Search and Rescue Support
  • Public Health Support
Research and Academia
  • 2D Mapping
  • 3D Modeling
  • End-Year Data Sets for Publications and Proposals
  • Multiyear Research Project Mapping
  • Raw Data Sets for Multidisciplinary Use
  • Visual Data for Presentation and Teaching Aids
Possible End-Uses – Industry
  • Agriculture
  • Anti-Terrorism
  • Coastal Health and Management
  • Design Support
  • Environmental Concerns
  • Flood Plain Research and Management
  • Geophysical
  • Healthcare
  • Inspections
  • Law Enforcement
    • Crime Scene Mapping
    • High-Threat Area Risk Assessment and Mitigation
  • Marketing
  • Oceanography-near-shore bathymetric data sets
  • Postal and Parcel Delivery
  • Research
  • Search and Rescue Operations
  • Transportation
  • University – multi-use
  • Watershed Management
  • Zoogeography